Do Handmade Canoes Hold Their Value?

handmade canoe

Handmade canoes are certainly attractive and highly appealing. However, unlike a canoe made by machines, it can have certain imperfections or lacking elements that can only be attached through the use of larger tools and machines. Depending on what you want to do, that might not be a problem. But do these types of canoes actually hold their value, or are they considered lower quality than canoes built using more modern means?

Customized High Quality Canoes

The first point in favor of handmade canoes is that they can be customized to look and feel exactly the way you want them to. It’s true that in terms of using high performance canoes that would break records in sporting events, a handmade canoe might not be able to hold its own against an “ultramodern” lightweight canoe made from fiberglass and designed specifically for a certain type of race. However, that doesn’t mean that a well-crafted handmade canoe can’t have remarkable value.

In practical terms alone, the shape and design of the canoe can make a huge difference. Depending on the type of design you use, it can be streamlined to move around water waves efficiently and at great speed. Moreover, the weight and tensile strength of woods such as cedar make them ideal for crafting highly resilient handmade wooden canoes that will not break easily.

Customization works at a whole new level when it comes to the aesthetic benefits of crafting a high quality handmade canoe. Whether you’re interested in strip cedar canoes or simple wooden canoes, the style and appeal of these boats is quite literally unparalleled. They can be designed to look entirely unique and to be a beautiful blend between traditional design and modern comfort. If you want to boast to your friends that you own a luxury canoe, the fact that it’s handmade and made of wood would actually earn you quite a few added style points.

An Unforgettable Experience

Let’s face it, most people don’t go canoeing to break world records. If you just want a boat that will be relaxing to sit in and that will take you on a voyage that’s smooth, stable and safe, then buying handmade canoes is a great place to start. These canoes will help you feel at ease throughout your entire vacation, whether you’re paddling on a slow river or fishing in the middle of a large lake.

Unlike modern canoes, a handmade wooden canoe will just seem “right.” Since its very design is part of nature, you will feel like you’re entirely undisturbed on the water, and the improved handling will also be an extra advantage you might not even have planned for. A lot of wooden canoes offer that benefit, which is yet another reason why their true value should never be estimated.

If you’re thinking about buying a handmade canoe, you’ll find that your choice will be considered a very inspired one by experts and regular users alike. Handmade canoes will likely exceed even your most positive expectations, and in due time you’ll even wonder why you had ever considered buying anything else.