How Can A Lawyer Help Me Get Rid of My Timeshare? – Answers to Frequent Question

A Lawyer Makes It Easy To Get Out Of A Timeshare

There are many timeshare owners, desperate to get out of their unwanted timeshare contract, who have tried everything they could think of to set themselves free of the burden of having to spend all their vacations in the same place and of having to pay timeshare fees that seem to increase uncontrollably. If you are one of these timeshare owners, you must know that you can get the relief you are looking for with the help of legal professionals who specialize exactly in cases like yours. If you, like many other timeshare owners, have been asking yourself “how can a lawyer help me get rid of my timeshare?”, here are some potentially satisfying answers for you.

A Detailed and Professional Assessment of Contractual Clauses

The timeshare contract is the document that contains all the terms and conditions of the purchase and of the relationship between the contracting parties, yet it is a document that is rarely read attentively by the buyers. Your lawyer will first of all review the document, trying to find a way out of it for you and also evaluating it from the point of view of negotiations with your seller.

Cancellation within the Grace Period

Most states require timeshare sellers to include a grace period into their contracts, a clause that allows buyers to cancel the contract without any consequence, provided they express their intention to do so in writing within the period specified in the contract. If you are still within that grace period, your lawyer can write and send that notification for you, obtaining the cancellation quickly.

Negotiations with Your Seller

Timeshare lawyers can argue on your behalf and convince your seller to cancel your contract even if the grace period has already expired. You will probably need to collect all the documents related to your contract, such as notifications from the seller, evidence of the payments that you have made, anything that you have, to allow your lawyer to see the exact timeline of your relationship with the seller, then you attorney will come up with a negotiation strategy to follow when approaching the seller for a cancellation. Your lawyer will handle all the negotiations on your behalf, meeting with the seller’s representative, trying to convince them to cancel the contract or to take back the property for a price that is acceptable for you (the price offered by your initial seller might be lower that your initial buying price, but in many cases, even a lower price is more acceptable that having to stay stuck with the unwanted contract).

Handling Litigation

If your seller is not open to negotiations, but your lawyer finds sufficient ground for a lawsuit, he or she will represent you in the litigation phase as well. Though most timeshare cases are settled out of court, in the form of amicable agreements, if your case can only be solved in a law court, you will need an experienced timeshare attorney who knows the ins and outs of such cases, who knows how to handle the related documents and how to argue your case citing applicable laws and precedents.