Ideas for Improving the Care of Your Aging Parent

Our parents raised us, supported us and watched us fly the nest to form our own families. But time is merciless and they will, eventually, become old and frail. The elderly need special care, not just from the medical point of view. They are no longer physically fit to perform daily chores. Some of them need help even with simple tasks like bathing or getting dressed.

Elderly Care Is More than Taking Care of Basic Needs

However, there is more to a person than eating, grooming and taking pills. Old and frail, your parent still has dreams, hobbies and the drive to enjoy life. As a caregiver, you should find ways to improve your aging parent’s quality of life beyond creature comforts. If you live some distance from your parents, hiring a home care Parker service professional may work for you. They can perform many tasks to make life easier for your aging parent.

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Here are a few simple ideas for doing it:

  1. Do Not Let them Lapse into Depression

Many old people remember how they used to be strong and fit, able to practice sports or lead an active lifestyle. Now, looking at their frail body, sometimes riddled with pain, they are prone to become depressive. And depression is the number one enemy of an elderly person. When they lose their zest for life, the decline is sudden.

This is why family caregivers must be on the lookout for the onset of depression. Do not allow your elderly parent to dwell too much on the past. Get them excited about current events and make them appreciate the life they have now.

  1. Remind Elderly Parents that They Are Important and Needed

Never fail to remind your elderly parent how useful they are when they mind your children for a few hours or help you remember a delicious recipe for dinner. Feeling useful is what keeps most of us moving on. For old people, this is a confirmation that they are not a burden to the family, but a valuable addition.

  1. Encourage Your Elderly Parents to Socialize

As life expectancy increases, so does the range of activities and services for elderly persons. In almost every community there are club for seniors where elderly people can meet, discuss topics of interests, play society games, watch movies, attend concerts, etc.

At the same time, the internet and social media removes geographical barriers between people. Thus, you should encourage your parents to be active on social media networks, seek old friends from school or former work colleagues and spend time talking to them.

  1. Help Elderly Parents Exercise As Much as Possible

Physical inactivity is just as bad as depression for old people. Do not abandon your elderly parent in front of the TV or computer, thinking that they are safe and entertained there. Instead, take them out for short walks, for weekend picnics and family outings.

At the same time, consider investing in fitness equipment for home created especially for elderly people. These machines are very easy to use and do not place undue strain on the muscles and joints of old people. Instead, they are designed to keep them active in a safe and healthy manner.

  1. Keep Their Mind Active

An active mind is the engine of a healthy body. Old people may be old-fashioned, but they are very smart partners in society games that involve thinking and planning. More often than not, they are the first to guess the killer in a murder mystery. And they will thoroughly enjoy coming up with a word you haven’t though of and winning a game of Scrabble.